Would you like to increase your professional performances and be more relaxed? Scientific research shows that the key is a very simple one: bye bye potassium, phosphorus and setwall, a dog is all you need!

The presence of animals in people’s life is the element that improves your everyday routine. As a matter of fact, animals reduce stress, but even the number of kids with allergic problems related to the contact with them. But it’s not over yet: now, advantages connected with animals such as cats or dogs even at the working place have been proven. In the USA, it is already part of the routine at the point that 1 company out of 5 is pet friendly, which means it admits pets at the office. On the other hand, in Italy it is still a cause of struggle but there are already a few companies showing sensibility towards the subject, allowing their employees to bring their pets at work, for example the Milan branches of Google, Nintendo and Purina. It is Purina in fact, a leader in the field on products for animals, which threw down a challenge to celebrate the International day of animals at work, celebrated every year on the 23rd of June. The aim is to record the highest number of dogs at the office.

Why? It is very simple: because bringing dogs at the office improves everyone’s life. According to the Psychology professor at the University of California, Annel McConnel, the presence of an animal at the office increases the self – confidence and satisfaction of employees, reducing depression. Professor Randolph Barker of the “Virginia Commonwealth University” observed the workers of an enterprise, and he noticed that the level of stress was at about 70%, percentage decreased of 30% after they were allowed to bring dogs at work. The company of animals improves the quality of the office life not only for their masters, but even for their colleagues.

Reasearches are not over anyway because a study led by Purina in the USA, in collaboration with the “Mississipi State university of Veterinary Medicine” highlighted the fact that in the pet friendly companies, the presence of pets increases the spirit of collaboration between colleagues, developing a better equilibrium between private life and work, increasing the productivity and therefore the professional satisfaction, and it is well known that if employees are happy with their work, even the company feels the difference.

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