The working space is the place where people spend most of the day and, for this reason, it must guarantee livability and comfort to every professionals, with appropriate spaces for everyone’s specific needs. In fact, this permits to develop creativity, organization, order and planning.

A stimulating and productive working space should follow  at least these 5 basic rules.

Guarantee the balance between privacy and sharing. Each worker tries to create his own personal space which allows him to preserve privacy while conducting his own activities. Once this condition is safeguarded, the professional will be ready to improve relationships with colleagues, establishing a pleasant atmosphere, reducing stress and enhancing production efficiency.

Divide working spaces according to the different business. It is fundamental that everyone can work comfortably at their designated post, without annoying colleagues and without being disturbed. For example, people who spend much of their time in long – lasting conference calls should have the opportunity to work in a private office or, if this is not possible, to use special areas like meeting rooms, which permit greater privacy. On the other hand, for those who collaborate in the planning and realization of projects, the open space represents the best working place.

Encourage collaboration between colleagues. Team working is indeed one of the essential aspects of modern companies, which have to plan ad hoc strategies to survive in a more and more competitive market. As a matter of fact, working together increases productivity, thanks to the development of the individual expertise, that also benefits from the confrontation with coworkers.

Promote interpersonal relationships. A positive climate push to work better and therefore it enhances business performances. So, working spaces should be provided with break areas that facilitate encounter and conversation between colleagues who, during the coffee break, relax themselves, increase mutual esteem and strengthen rapports that sometimes extend even outside the working context.

Facilitate active participation. For each worker it is important to have his merits recognized and to receive gratifications at the achievement of the company aims. In this way, professionals are more incentivized to get involved , show their skills, suggest new ideas and have an active role in the business processes.

In our A&B Business Center you can find fully furnished executive offices and open spaces, adaptable to every need. Moreover, there are meeting rooms and training rooms where you can meet clients, organize courses and expand your business. Then, there is no lack of comfortable break areas to have a coffee with colleagues.