Vittoria, the Office Manager of our business center A&B Bovisa, tells us about her typical day

In this blog we have often illustrated strategies to work better, to manage time in a more productive way, or we have given practical advices to enjoy our offices: we have always opened interesting discussions, but we have never introduced ourselves.
So, we have decided to open a window on our world, reveal the backstage of a business center and let you discover how much care we put in what we do. Vittoria, Office Manager of A&B Bovisa, is the protagonist of this interview and the first one to disclose the tricks of the trade.

Vittoria, tell us about a typical day in a business center…

Morning starts with a check of incoming e-mails: communication with clients, suppliers and technicians is one of the several aspects of my job that I do first thing in the morning in order to realize if there are specific urgencies, for example requests of quotes or clarifications of our services, deadlines or even appointments to visit our offices.
Being an Office Manager means having eyes on everything, as it consists of different tasks: I am a sales agent, an administrative manager, a secretary at the same time; the proper functioning of the business center and the well – being of our clients depend on me. It is demanding, of course, but very satisfying.
The day goes on with the entrance of clients in their offices: the first coming and going of people usually starts between 8.30 and 9 am. Many people drop in and say good morning to me and ask for last – minute requests; in fact, I also manage with the booking of meeting room and consequently I have to check the functioning of the work tools, such as video projectors and Wi -Fi.

How are the relationships with clients?

Well, it is the most interesting side of this job: in my 15 years of experience in A&B I have had the opportunity to discover a slice of world, I have met different people with whom I have established good professional relationships, demonstrating politeness, helpfulness and reliability. Our tenants can be the 25 – year – old boss of a startup or the CEO of a big international company, with different needs that we are always able to satisfy, trying to go a step further and offer the highest quality service. I know I have succeeded in it not only when someone thanks me for the prompt solution of a glitch, but also when I can prevent it.

How does it work when a client wants to rent an office in A&B?

At the beginning, almost everyone contacts us by e-mail to have an overview of our proposals, then they come to have a look. As I said before, I am here to welcome them: a tour always starts with a cup of coffee to talk about their needs and illustrate our services. Once we establish the request I show them the offices that best fit with it and then we do a tour of the building and all its areas: they really like the break area and the meeting rooms, not to mention the foosball!
After the visit, I send them a detailed offer with the plans of the offices by e-mail, so that the client has time to think; but there are also situations in which someone coming from Rome or London decides offhand to rent big surfaces to open a new branch here in Milan. So, each case has its peculiarities!

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