sedicinisello12Meetings are one of the most used instruments for companies to solve problems, generate new ideas, make decisions, define action plans, strengthen team spirit and take stock of the situation of ongoing projects.
Despite their great utility, they are not very popular, especially between very pragmatic and proactive people that consider them a waste of time.

Certainly, achieving a successful meeting is not easy, if the purpose is to optimize time and come up with ideas, projects and goals. It is necessary to plan and organize with attention to details to avoid wasting energy and taking time away from your own resources.

What are the steps to follow to make the most of the effectiveness of a meeting?

Establishing goals. Every meeting should have a precise purpose. The objectives should be as clear as possible, so that participants can understand what are the topics which will be discussed, realistic, reachable on the basis of the resources and skills you have, and timely, with a deadline by which they need to be achieved.

Identifying participants. Often, we tend to call more than enough people, to the detriment of the success of the meeting. A small group of people works better than a large one, where it is easier to create disagreements and loss of concentration.

Determining the timetable. People today are always in the rush, full of commitments and with the minutes counted. Inform them as soon as possible about the meeting and its estimated duration is a form of respect for the participants, that will be able to organize in time.

Listening. It is important to maintain a relaxed atmosphere during the entire meeting. Each participant should have the opportunity to express opinions, but without monopolizing the attention to himself. The exchange of ideas, information and even criticisms are excellent tools to improve.

Taking a break. If the meeting goes on for hours, it is advisable to have a break in which participants will be able to regain energy and concentration with a coffee or a quick lunch.

Summarizing the topics of the meeting. At the end of the meeting it is essential to make a quick summary of what has been discussed. Then, the ideal would be to send, within a couple of days, a memorandum for all participants.

Not least, it is good to think carefully about the place where the meeting will take place. A comfortable meeting room, suitable to host adequately all participants, with the right lighting and the right equipment is fundamental to have a positive meeting.

If you do not have access to a meeting room in your offices, you can rent one, according to your needs of style, space, services and position. A Business Center is the first solution that, in the absence of a property room, comes up to mind to rent a place to hold an important meeting.

A&B, one of the most important Business Center of Milan, has 30 meeting rooms of various sizes, spread over several locations, suitable to host decision-making meetings, coordination meetings, conferences, training courses, presentations and job interviews.
Rooms can be set up according to customer requirements: with the classic conference table, with flaps, with banquets, with horseshoe or audience shape. If necessary, you can apply for projectors and flipcharts.
Customers can also take advantage of an functional break area, a high speed Wi-Fi connection and the assistance of a professional multilingual secretary.
Our meeting rooms can be rented as needed for 1 hour , half day or full day. In addition, for those who make a heavy use of these spaces, A&B offers the possibility to buy affordable prepaid carnet with 50% discount.

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