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Problemi-in-ufficio_800x600Many blogs and editorial sites discuss what are the rules to follow for coexistence among colleagues, what are the ways to make the office a peaceful and less stressful place, or what are the things to avoid in a work environment circumscribed in four walls.
But what are the balances to maintain when beyond these four walls there are other offices, that share corridors, walls and common areas?
People who rent an office in a Business Center, and therefore find themselves not only to share spaces with their colleagues, but also with other companies, each one with different needs and behaviors. Those who further accentuate this sharing in co-working spaces, where the proximity is even more dense.
In these situations, you often find yourself in the difficult position of mitigate tensions between members of the different companies, in order to guarantee the best environmental and working conditions, and to create a climate of balance and understanding in the structure, that permits to avoid clashes and discontent. That’s why the manager of each office has to impose his team the observance of a few simple rules, which could be a kind of tacit “super – regulation” of a Business Center.
But then, what are these rules? And how to act if they are not respected?

Limit noise. Everyone deserves to disconnect 10-15 minutes from work , to have a coffee and chat with colleagues. Whether in the office or in the hallways, it is crucial to remember that, during our breaks, others are working. Even if no one forbids doing all these things comfortably at your desk, you should not forget that the best solution is to enjoy the spaces designated for this purpose, usually located in a more isolated area. It’s better to avoid excessive noise or stops along the corridors, to prevent the risk of disturbing concentration and work in the closest offices.
If someone does not respect this simple rule, you have immediately to contact the secretary of your center, explaining accurately the problem and who persists in creating it. It’s a task of the responsible of the Business Center restore order.

Maintain order and cleanliness in the spaces. Not everyone are maniacs of order, but the common areas, to stay comfortable for employees, clients and guests, need inevitably to be tidy and clean. All have to keep an high level of decency, in order to respect those who came after and would otherwise be in the unfortunate situation of offering a coffee to a costumer in a messy or dirty area.
Even if your business center provides daily cleaning, it’s important to inform the front desk about unsuitable structures and spaces. According to the extent of the problem, your secretary will communicate that order and cleanliness are required in all shared areas.

Respect the reservations of meeting rooms. A meeting between members of the same team, a training course, an important meeting to do a deal… Meeting rooms are the ideal place for information transfer, the presentation of a project, the strengthening of teamwork and the exchange of opinions. We have to remember that in a Business Center these rooms have to be booked and therefore their use is defined in a certain timeslot. Absorbed in their meeting, behind closed doors, it is often easy to forgot that after the expiration time may be the turn of another client. It is not essential to leave the room right away, but it may be a good idea to ensure that the room is not booked immediately after. It would be useful to inform at the front desk before the meeting.
If the ” roommates ” of your Business Center do not respect their booking schedules, the secretary will intervene immediately knocking on the door of the meeting room or, if the delay is small, will communicate later to the company that the reservation of common areas is bound by the communicated times.

Smoking in the designated areas. For workers with smoking habit, it is good to remember that, according to the Law 16th January 2003 n.3 art.51, smoking is prohibited in public and working places. Smokers can easily use the designated areas or the external spaces of the structure. It is mandatory, because of health and safety reasons, avoid smoking in the offices, although leaning on the window.
The Business Center has the duty to reprimand formally violators of rules. If these are not respected, it will be possible to invoke the intervention of public functionaries, who will notify the infringement and will write a violation report.

Share. We close this list with a fundamental rule, more connected with co – working. The only one that remembers tautologically the title, and reminds us that the best condition to share space is just share. But co-working does not mean only to share a physical space. Working in a space like this involves sharing the experience, skills, knowledge and often the activities of each, creating a connection between people and companies that you can hardly get if divided by walls and obstacles, but that a professional Business Center can help to create and raise.
The co-working is able to fortify what you already possess, with the growth of relationships, knowledge and skills. Simply Involve and get involved!

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