It is the opinion of many career coaches: competition, if seen in a distorted way, can be a stop on professional development. Here are the attitudes to avoid and put into practice.

From motivation to toxic attitudes

Motivation at work is everything. Getting up in the morning and doing something we hate can be a nightmare for anyone.

However, not all motivational drives are the same: in fact, they can be driven by a desire to improve, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, however, there are those who find motivation in competition; this, in the long run, can be a toxic attitude; an attitude that damages our career path.

The evolutionary process of careers, in fact, is determined by so many variables that any attempt at comparison is useless and counterproductive even though it is a widespread practice.

Three examples of negative mental attitudes

The first negative mental attitude consists in comparing the career of colleagues who started working with us to ours.

Another toxic attitude is certainly to compare the salary of colleagues and acquaintances to our salary.

Finally, another bad attitude is to compare our skills with those of who have made a career.

Compete against yourself

All these attitudes, taken individually or together, can slow down or even block our career.

But is there a way to find motivation in one’s work, without taking damaging mental attitudes?

The answer is yes. Everything depends on the object of our competitive attitude. The healthy competition, in fact, is the one against ourselves.

Three positive attitudes not to slow down one’s career

Focus on us. To focus all the energy and attention on ourselves and not on others is the first and very important step to take back the reins of our career.

Focusing on our values. The values that distinguish us are something non-negotiable. It is important to recognize them and set the work on them.

Focus on what to improve. Acquiring and improving soft and hard skills is definitely a winning attitude.

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