The fate of Italy wounded by Covid19 is not marked. Actually the moment of crisis can be really the decisive push to project the country into the future. But how? Here are some ideas to be considered as priorities for innovation

Between past and future

Italy before Covid19 and Italy after Covid19 appear like two distant and almost incompatible worlds. Within a year, in fact, priorities, paradigms and ways of conceiving the enterprise have changed. And yet, not always in negative.

In fact, Italy before the pandemic was a country that looked to the future as something distant, almost unreachable. It looked at other countries, especially European ones, with admiration (and envy).

Often unable to plan, to look at the long term, every year our country let go the brightest minds and in terms of innovation it missed the boat that will never come back.

The shock

The arrival of the virus in Italy cost more than 10 percentage points of our GDP, in an already stagnant economy.

Yet, this real economic shock has brought with it unrepeatable opportunities: innovation as the flywheel of the economy.

Obviously, it is not possible to go in blind, but it will take some food for thought to design from scratch the country that will come.

Many of these are valid, others less so. Ten among these, stand out surely.

Cultural heritage

Starting from the cultural heritage is one of the 10 proactive drives for the Italy of tomorrow. To completely rethink the relationship between local community and heritage, to build a widespread, immersive and shared cultural proposal.

Call to innovators

A real “call to arms” for the talents of innovation. Use their skills to channel investment and to create training paths in line with the core concepts of innovation in schools and universities.


The didactics must be rethought, enriched through new learning methodologies. Key words of this innovative path are undoubtedly game, cooperation, learning by doing, P2P and experiential learning.

The tech world in the suburbs

The Italian suburbs suffer, from North to South, from countless problems of any nature. And yet, right here great opportunities are hidden. For this reason it is necessary to focus on orientation and development programs typical of the tech world, right in the suburbs.


Except in some more developed areas, in Italy there is a shortage of programs for high school students, who have no idea how the world of work works, nor know how to orient themselves. Enhance the programs dedicated to them, through a P2P platform to allow them to deal with professionals, through a give-back perspective.

Food Science

Today’s world imposes a substantial reduction in waste. The market (and not only) at the same time requires high levels of waste. Acting on products through food science technologies aimed precisely at increasing quality with less waste.


The future also goes through the agro-industry. It needs an enrichment in terms of technology. This can only be achieved by implementing data-driven models and innovative production techniques.

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