The office manager that opens us the doors is Valentina

A&B has 8 locations, everyone managed by an office manager that knows all its secrets. This time, we want to present you Valentina, the person in charge of the A&B center of Monza Brianza, a little town near Milan.

Tell us your experience here in Cinisello

I have been working here for 11 years as an office manager: after an apprenticeship in A&B Piazza Abbiategrasso, I worked for almost 1 year in A&B Duomo, in the heart of Milan. When we opened the center in Cinisello 9 years ago, it was immediately entrusted to me. This job gives me a lot of responsibility which I face with big enthusiasm everyday: this center has become my second home.

Like my colleagues, I have a lot of tasks: deadlines to respect, offers and quotes to make, answering all the needs our clients and then there is the administration part. So the day goes really fast.

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How is your relationship with the clients of the Monza Brianza business center?

Really good: most of the clients come from the Milan and Monza hinterland, just like me, so we have a common background and a friendly relationship. In the morning when we all arrive and even during breaks we often make small talks of what happens outdoor: festivals, restaurants, places to visit…There’s more to life than work!

Why should you choose an office in A&B Monza Brianza?

Like I was saying, the location is very easy to reach: Monza Brianza is near to Monza, very close to the exit of the North freeway and the 36 state highway which reaches viale Fulvio Testi in a few km and arrives in the heart of Milan. It is the perfect foothold for who lives in this area, because it lets you live the serenity of Brianza and the comfort of Milan.

For the next year, there is going to be an extension of the metro: a station is going to be built a hundred meters from our center, with a parking lot and a shopping center. So, the area is getting more and more alive.

Choosing to rent an office here means to achieve lot more than what the market offers in the Brianza area: there is no other business center like ours – maybe for coworking – and we have a great experience in flexibility, organization and availability, which are our best weapons.

Working here has another advantage: we are surrounded by greenery so we have become “green” too; we have installed solar panels on the roof of our building to have less impact on the environment. We can enjoy the beautiful view from our offices all year, we can even see the Lecco mountains while in Summer, you can enjoy your lunch break in our garden.

Is A&B Monza Brianza the right location for your office?
Come visit us, Valentina will find the best solution for you

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