All you need to know about the paternity leave 2019

The conciliation between work and family is an increasingly very heart – felt issue, even in our reality: because many moms and many dads work in the A&B’s offices, we know how difficult it is making these two aspects of life fit. The paternity leave is among the support incentives of this new way of living the parenthood, an instrument introduced in 2012 and renewed this year too. It is an allowance which covers 5 days of absence from work – repaid by INPS and of 100% of the salary.

In this way, dads can stay at home with the newborn, create an important bond with him and support the mother when needed. For now, the leave is limited to this period of time (even if something’s definitely moving at EU level), but it is a first important step to make the child’s birth or the “welcome to the family” moment not only a feminine privilege.

Do you already know this incentive? We have collected all the information here to understand how the paternity leave works, when it is entitled and how to apply for it.

The paternity leave: when is it up?

There have been changes of the duration of the paternity leave in the last years: let’s see what has changed with the Budget Law 2019 (legislative reference: law 145/2018, art. 1, paragraph 278).

The father has the right to:

  • 5 days of compulsory leave, instead of the four days of the previous law;
  • One day of discretionary leave, to be used as an alternative to the mother, who gives it to the father.

The new daddy must meet certain conditions to use it:

  • Be a salaried worker;
  • Use the leave on the 5th month of life of the newborn at latest, counted since the birth, adoption or custody occurred from the 1st January 2013 to the 31st December 2019.

We also specify the compulsory leave is not linked to the maternity one: this means the father can choose to use the 5 + 1 days in every moment (with the limit of the five months), even if the mum gives up her leave.

How to apply for the paternity leave?

First of all, you have to follow the 15 days timing for the application. If you want the leave for the birth, you should know that the notice is calculated on the expected date for farrowing.

There are two ways of requesting the leave:

  1. Adjusting balance – if your salary is paid by the employer that will then be repaid by INPS – you must communicate him the time period.
  2. If the payment is directly made by INPS, you must present your request to the institute. There are three different ways: online on the INPS website portal; by contacting the free number 803 164 from landline or the number 06 164 164 from mobile network; through the patronages and mediators of INPS.


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