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We want to try to debunk a myth: the return from vacation is not necessarily an unbearable and tedious period, but it could become the best moment to give your work a new sprint.

Concentration is not at its maximum on the first days in office after vacations, of course, but it is normal: our mind is probably still wandering between sunny beaches or white mountains. The important thing is not to sadden for the end of holidays as many do, but to look positively at the new start trying to take all the chances the new year offers.

While others linger in memories telling their colleagues the most entertaining anecdotes of their vacations, you devote yourself to recover the usual productivity, reorganizing yourself, maybe trying to make a qualitative leap and preparing the ground for a promotion. The new start can be a magical moment even for freelancers: it is exactly in these days that you can find new clients and establish new action strategies.

How to find again the desire to do: preparation and organization

Before turning off the computer for the last time before going on holiday you have arranged everything: important business has been closed, to – do lists have been compiled, colleagues and clients have been informed. All seems perfect on paper – and this organization is important anyway – but you have been inevitably swamped with lots of emails and colleagues‘ requests for the first two days.

To avoid being overwhelmed by this chaos of activities which superimpose, here are two strong points to keep in mind:

1. Reduce the to – do list

To – do lists, urgent or not, you have created are probably full of boxes to tick: thinking about finish them in the first days doesn’t help to complete them, as having too much to do leads to postponing and wasting valuable time.

A good trick is to choose only two activities to complete at the beginning of each day: when you will draw a line on the first one, then you will add another activity and so on.

If you need a method to increase your productivity
Try the “Getting Things Done”

2. Do not be ruled by emails

Responding as soon as possible is synonym of politeness and respect, but certainly you cannot only dedicate yourself to correspondence: a middle ground is needed.

You can start dealing with older emails: who sent the message could be waiting for an answer since a long time. Then, you can use the 2 – minutes rule: can you answer the email in a brief and fast way, more or less two minutes? If yes, then answer the email and archive it; if the answer is negative move on (marking it as “Unread”, you must not forget it) and take note in your to – do list if you are asked to do something.

Try to follow these two suggestions: they do not require a great dedication, just a little bit of self – discipline, but we are sure they will allow you to take your productivity back and even improve it.

Last advice: even the working environment counts for a relaxed reentry. Have you ever considered a work station in A&B Business Center? You would have an office in a fast moving location, where you can meet new people and exchange ideas with other professionals.

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