Our advices about the books to donate to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs at Christmas

Christmas is the time to stay with the family, relax and get away from the daily routine. Moreover, it is also the perfect period to increase your knowledge and learn something new, and there is no better way to do this than with a book.

So, put the same old detective story on the nightstand for once, and follow our advices on books; we have collected in this article the business books to read in 2018: they are not strictly operational books – you must unwind, isn’t it? – but in-depth studies, to broaden your vision and think about the new working matters, from start up to entrepreneurship and cultural work.

The books to read under the tree according to A&B

The books we suggest you this Christmas do not want to be just a life belt for people who no longer know what to give friends and relatives: on the contrary, it is an encouragement to use this precious relaxing period at best and start the new year with new energy and incentives.

1. For startuppers and wannabes

If a beloved one is busy with the creation of a startup, there is the possibility you will only see him during Christmas lunch and then he will immerse again himself in his activity. Therefore, there is nothing better than the book “Non è un lavoro per vecchi. Quando una passione diventa business” by Riccardo Pozzoli (De Agostini, 2018) to encourage him. For those who still do not know, Pozzoli is the co-founder of The Blond Salad with Chiara Ferragni, his girlfriend at the time, and today he is a 30-year-old successful businessman.

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2. For people who work in the cultural sphere (and fed up of being mistreated)

“You cannot eat with culture”: this sentence – pronounced by the then minister Tremonti in 2010 – summarize so well years of debates and discussions on the cultural world to the point that Paola Dubini, professor of Management at the Bocconi University of Milan, has chosen it as the title of her essay “Con la cultura non si mangia. Falso!” (Laterza, 2018). It has had a great resonance, for example you can find an interview on the Corriere della Sera: who works with culture, and eats, will finally find a supporting text.

3. For women who want to move up

The fact that there is a difference between men and women in the workplace we already know, but Otegha Uwagba, founder of the community for working women Women Who, actualizes this awareness in the book “Little black book: a toolkit for working women” (Fourth Estate). It is a handbook for women in the working environment, with particular attention to who is starting out: in fact, it faces very realistic subjects, such as learning to talk about money, networking, creating your own brand; so, there are many answers to the many questions each woman has at the beginning of her professional life.

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