5 simple steps to increase your productivity


If you are searching for a new method to improve your organization and therefore your job, you are in the right place. Today, we will talk about “Getting Things Done”, the world famous book (published in Italy with Sperling & Kupfer) of the likewise well – known David Allen, American expert in coaching: in conclusion, a cornerstone for those who want to begin managing their time at best.

The “GTD” method, briefly

The expression David Allen chose as motto for his book is “The mind is for having ideas, not holding them”; with a handful of words he has already told us everything. The essence of this methodology consists exactly in pouring all the tasks, the things to do, the appointments which crowd our minds and writing them on a piece of paper (or the support you prefer) and getting the mind off, open to creativity; only in this way we will have the openness and calm indispensable to have great ideas or simply to focus on our activities at best.

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The 5 steps of the “Getting Things Done” method

It is very important to follow step by step the five points you are about to read: it is not about carrying out only some of the passages, but of observing the whole workflow; as the method bears fruit only if you follow it entirely, even if at the beginning it will be a little strict.

  1. Gather what immobilize your attention: transfer to a “container” – a notebook, an app, an audio – everything is in your head, from meetings to working tasks, to every little or big business you would like to do in the future. It is essential to note everything: it is the starting point of this strategy, so make sure of dedicating it the time needed.
  2. Think about the feasibility of each activity: it is the moment to ask yourself “Can I do it right away or not?”. If the answer is affirmative, great! You will dedicate yourself to it once you will have finished the five steps of the method; if it is not, you can write it down on the to – do – list or delegate it.
  3. Organize priorities: pick up the list created in the previous step and extend it in different lists, for example: phone calls, meetings, emails to send, big activities to process, small activities to complete… You will see that in this way you will create “projects”, formed by goals to reach and steps to achieve them.
  4. Review your planning sometimes: take time to check underway projects weekly and monthly. Think again about the lists of the postponed and delegated activities verifying if there are new priorities.
  5. Carry on the activities: finally, the moment to act. If you have performed the four previous points, you will clearly know what to do, and the next step and the one after that.

At the beginning, the GTD method may seem a bit intricate, maybe –it is not simple to use, actually – but the results are great: big managers and many readers have totally changed their way of organizing under the leadership of David Allen. Will you try it, too?

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