We always have just a little spare time left and many people nowadays decide to dedicate their lunch break to sport activities.

Practicing sport during lunch break is considered a very healthy habit among experts, especially when combined with a healthy diet, because it gives excellent benefits. Sport improves concentration and productivity and is also considered a natural anti depressant because it contributes not only to your body’s wellness, but to your mind’s as well. People practicing sport during their working day are more energic and calm and they improve their productivity and problem solving ability. With a little time left, it’s important to choose the right activities , for example swimming, jogging, gym and pilates.

If you choose to go to the gym, it’s possible to get a personal trainer making a schedule for you according to the time you have available, or you can attend one of those short courses to tone up your muscles in less than an hour instead.  Make a combo between fun and sport activity attending Zumba, Dance and Step courses, or relax yourself practicing yoga and postural exercises. You could also dedicate yourself to Cardio activities such as Crossfit and Spinning.

Swimming has always been considered as one of the best sport during lunch break thanks to the benefits that moving into the water brings to your body. You can practice this sport for example 30 – 40 minutes, alterning different styles to exercise all the muscles of your body which, into the water, needs more resistance but is massaged at the same time. Just a few minutes after the immersion you can feel the strength and energy caused by the thermal balance between the temperature of your body and the water.

Pilates has grown popular over the last few years, and for this reason many gyms have started to propose these lessons during lunch break. Pilates is not only helpful in terms of body exercise, but it gives the right body posture, especially for those suffering from back ache and sitting behind a desk all the day. This sport is now considered like a life philosophy, exercising the postural muscles and giving an important support to the spinal column for a strong and balanced body, a dream flat belly and tonic muscles.

Jogging is an excellent option for your lunch break activity as well: it relieves a lot from the stress accumulated during the morning and it’s a very nice sport that can be practiced on your own or with someone else. Half an hour every day of a moderate and constant run is enough to stay in shape but also a good walk around the block can positively charge your mind and body.

For people practicing sport during break time, a healthy diet is fundamental; calories taken before physical activity give the body the right energy to  better perform the exercises and obtain good results. Furthermore, sport helps relieving stress, which means going back to work with more energy and more concentrated. For this reason sport during lunch break has become popular among men and women always in a hurry. There are several sports to be practiced when we don’t have a lot of time, so everyone can find the best solution according to one’s interests.



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