Feng Shui literally means wind (Feng) and water (Shui), which are two fundamental expressions of the vital energy. The Feng Shui is a Chinese discipline based on the principle of being just one thing with Nature in order to enjoy armony between celestial and earthly forces. If you bring this discipline in your working environment, it may help you find armony, wellness and productivity.

Here you are ten rules that, according to the Feng Shui, may bring you equilibrium at work.

  1. A correct desk position: positioning your desk with a wall at your back means protection; the less movement you have at your back, the more you concentrate and increase your productivity.
  2. Keep everything around you under control: even if you are comfortably seated, you are supposed to keep the space around you under control, windows and doors included. If it’s necessary, place some mirrors which will allow you to get a better view, increasing the feeling of safety and making you calm.
  3. The importance of the shape of your desk: you should pay attention at the colour and corners of your desk. Corners should never be too pronounced for they take energy away. Natural colours (such as wood or light and neutral colours) give a feeling of wellness and relax.
  4. Keep only the essential on your desk: keeping a lot of stuff (books, papers, notebooks etc.) creates confusion, especially if not properly organized, and make you loose precious time. Keeping just a few objects will help you concentrate and work better.
  5. Hang pictures and paintings representing landscapes: images stimulate creativity and allow you to mentally expand the limited spaces we usually work in.
  6. Do not stay close to electrical devices: keep yourself at, at least, 50 cm from screens, chargers etc. because they can cause several health problems.
  7. Choose the right colours for the walls of your office: colours express personality and they can give a good impression about your business, making it more efficient. You should privilege important colours such as yellow and red for open-spaces walls, and neutral colours (white, indigo) for the walls of small spaces.
  8. Pay attention to the orientation of your office: the sunlight positively stimulates the mind and creativity, so being positioned towards south and east is excellent, while towards north make people easily sad and depressed.
  9. Bring plants at the office: plants tend to make the environment more relaxing. Green is a colour that gives positive feelings and a sense of calmness. Furthermore, it improves the quality of the air.
  10. Interact positively with people around you: keeping a good relationship with your coworkers make the working place even better, improving the team working. Everything altogether will make your business achieve more results and success!

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