Storia dei business centerIt all began back in 1929 in the USA during the Great Depression. To face up to cost-cutting measures a group of attorneys started to gather in single workplaces, sharing in this way management costs, meeting rooms and office assistants.
However, the real history of Business Centers dates back to 1971 when between 1971 and 1980 an attorney native of Los Angeles, named Paul Fegen, set up around 180 Business Centers, covering an area of 4.000 sqm each.
During the two-year period from 1987 to 1989 all the Business Centers were incorporated in the ATTORNEY OFFICE MANAGEMEN INC. (AOMI) and they were later sold to BARRISTER EXECUTIVE SUITES INC., a fruitful and still operating company.
The American HQ – nowadays acquired by REGUS – was at that time the first franchising in the Business Centers’ industry. It was set up in the mid-seventies by T. J. Tyson in San Francisco and it formerly provided only telephone support services, something like our current virtual office service.
In 1979 in Long Beach – Los Angeles – Frank Cottle along with Steve Tanenbaum founded the American Comm Center, today known as ALLIANCE BUSINESS CENTER NETWORK, one of the greatest key player in the field of Business Centers’ all over the world.
Talking about Italy the first Business Center here was born in Milan in 1972 thanks to a businessman. After having spent some time in the US on a business trip and having worked in one of these buildings, he then decided to export his solution also in his country. Within a short space of time the idea boomed and in the early Eighties Business Centers had already spread all over Italy. They were mainly located in Milan and Rome, but they gradually started to catch on also in other big cities like Padua, Bologna and Florence.
This rapid expansion  was also due to the foundation on the ANIUR – ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE IMPRENDITORI UFFICI RESIDENCE – an Italian association gathering entrepreneurs from Business Centers’ industry, which represents and safeguards its partners.
Right in the wake of this success back in 1982 A&B launched its activity by opening its first Business Center in via Dogana, Milan. Covering an area of 400 sqm it soon got crowded mainly because of its prestigious position just a few steps away from Piazza Duomo and the so-called Quadrilatero della Moda – a famous fashion district known all over the world.
Following the positive outcome obtained, two years later A&B decided to open a second Business Center located this time in Via Finocchiaro Aprile, a few minutes from Central Railway Station and from Corso Buenos Aires. The elegantly furnished offices both on the 1st and on the 2nd floor take up a total of 800 sqm area.
In 1992 A&B crossed the border and inaugurated its Business Center in Lugano, via Lavizzari. It is a 6-storey building comprising offices, conference and meeting rooms.
The opening of the Business Center in via Valla dates back to 2002. It is just a short distance from the picturesque Navigli area.
In 2007 instead not far from Central Railway Station opened its doors the Business Center of Via Sammartini, which mainly provides training room services and co-working solutions.
The following year it was the time for the Business Center of Via Colico to be launched , in the northern area of Milan. It is located in a strategic position, very close to the Politecnico and the Triennale. It’s a 4-storey building and provides executive offices, training rooms and already equipped TV studios.
In 2010 the Business Center of Viale Brianza in Monza Brianza was opened with a total surface of 2.000 sqm taken up by furnished offices, meeting and training rooms. The solar panels placed on the rooftop make it an eco-friendly building and it also represents a connection between Milan and the area of Brianza.
Last but least, in 2014 the prestigious  Business Center of Piazza della Repubblica was opened. It takes up the 6th floor of the historic skyscraper Torre Breda (Breda Tower) and it is furthermore positioned in the ever-new district of Porta Nuova  between Porta Garibaldi train station and Central Railway station.
A&B boasts 30 years’ experience leading therefore the way in the Business Centers’ industry. The main key point of its business is the everlasting relationship with companies operating in different fields, of different sizes and demands. What they actually have in common however, is the will to boost their own business.

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